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Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Beginners 2022
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 176 lectures & 13 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

176 Lessons (13h)

  • Your First Program

  • Introduction to the Adobe Premiere Pro Course

    Welcome to Class2:05
    Download the Course Workbook
    Download the Supplemental Project Files
    Start Editing Videos Fast with this 30-Minute Premiere Pro Crash Course30:54
  • Premiere Pro Basics

    How to Start a Premiere Pro Project for the First Time4:59
    Get to Know the Premiere Pro Workspace and How to Customize It10:24
    Importing and Organizing Media (Video, Audio, Graphics) in Premiere Pro7:33
  • Video Editing Basics

    Starting a New Sequence & Understanding Sequences8:22
    Understanding the Timeline9:21
    Adding Clips to the Timeline + an Advanced Trick to Speed Up Your Workflow12:45
    The Editing Tools - Razor Cuts, Ripple Edits, Slips and More12:38
    Syncing Audio and Video with the Click of a Button5:13
    BONUS: Editing Down Talking Head / Interview Footage6:09
    BONUS: Adding B-Roll (Extra Visual Footage) to Your Sequence7:15
    Video Properties - Scale, Position, Opacity + More4:14
    ADVANCED: Types of Cuts - Straight, J-Cut, L-Cut6:40
    10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Edit Faster
  • Adding Style to Your Videos

    Introduction to this Video Style Section1:09
    Create a Zoom In / Zoom Out Effect with Keyframes7:35
    Use Nests to Create a Cool Zoom Sequence5:44
    Using Blend Modes to Combine Videos (and a Quick Video Stabilization Trick)5:30
    Creating a Circle Video Mask and A Tip for Copying Properties to Another Video3:55
    Create a Split Create Effect with Borders6:51
    COURSE BREAK: Where are we with our edit?1:27
    The Ken Burns Effect: Zooming In & Out of Photos6:14
    3 Ways to Add Emotion to Your Videos7:19
    Adding Style with Cinematic Overlays & a Deeper Understanding of Aspect Ratios10:13
  • Adding Video and Audio Transitions

    How to Add Video Transitions in Premiere Pro6:56
    How to Customize Video Transition Properties3:22
    BONUS: Creative Options for Talking Head Cuts and Transitions5:46
    How to Add Audio Transitions and Create Custom Audio Fades5:24
    ADVANCED: Create Custom Transitions with Adjustment Layers3:58
    ADVANCED: Spin Blur and Zoom Blur Transitions14:07
  • Audio Editing in Premiere Pro

    How to Make Your Audio Louder or Quieter (Adjusting Audio Levels)8:47
    How to Remove Background Noise from Audio in Premiere Pro7:57
    The Essential Sound Panel Tutorial: Editing Audio Easily in Premiere Pro13:10
    Adjusting Music Levels with Talking Audio (Ducking Tutorial)8:54
    BONUS: Make Music Tracks Longer or Shorter to Match Video Length9:43
    Use the Track Mixer to Adjust and Add Effects to Entire Tracks3:48
    How to Create an Audio Preset in the Essential Sound Panel1:14
    Adding and Adjusting Sound Effects5:33
    BONUS: Adding Sound Effects to Improve Your Videos6:25
    CC 2021 Update: Copy & Paste Audio Track Effects1:02
  • Titles & Graphics

    Create Titles and Graphics in Premiere Pro using the Essential Graphics Panel19:50
    Adding Motion to Our Graphics (Animating in Premiere Pro)9:20
    What is the Responsive Design - Position?3:05
    What is Responsive Design - Time?7:48
    Using and Installing Graphic Presets5:01
    How to Create Scrolling Credits in Premiere Pro4:55
    COURSE BREAK: Project Recap So Far1:07
    QUICK TIP: Aligning Graphic Layers with a Keyboard Shortcut1:31
    CC 2021 Update: Replacing Media in Motion Graphics Templates1:21
    CC 2021 Update: Closed Captions Workflow + Automatic Transcription in Premiere7:01
  • Color Correction and Color Grading

    Introduction to Color Correction and Color Grading in Premiere Pro4:02
    Fixing White Balance, Exposure, Saturation with the Lumetri Color Basics Tab12:21
    BONUS: A Note About Computer Screen / Monitor Calibration and Color Correction4:09
    Adding Style with the Lumetri Color Creative Tab6:36
    Advanced - Reading Waveform Scopes to Help with Color Correction6:27
    Editing Exposure and Specific Saturations with the Lumetri Curves Tab16:25
    Match Colors Between Shots with the Lumetri Color Color Wheels & Match Tab12:55
    Edit Specific Colors of in Your Video with the Lumetri Color HSL Secondary Tab8:32
    Adding a Vignette with the Lumetri Color Vignette Tab1:20
    Quick Tip: Copying and Removing Lumetri Color Adjustments to Different Clips2:16
    ADVANCED: Changing the Color of Something in Your Video6:10
    ADVANCED: Better Color Correction with Vectorscopes YUV Graph7:32
    ADVANCED: Color Correcting Skin Tone to Near Perfection Every Time11:51
    ADVANCED: Sharpen Faces with the Lumetri Color Panel2:46
    BONUS: Watch Me Color Correct My Entire Video Sequence10:32
  • Video Effects

    How to Add and Adjust Effects to Your Video3:23
    How to Animate On/Off Video Effects3:37
    How to Stabilize Shaky Camera Footage9:41
    How to Blur Out Faces and Other Objects in Your Videos5:28
  • Exporting Your Videos

    Easily Export Your Videos with the Quick Export Button4:46
    In-Depth Export Settings for Any Screen or Device13:42
  • Video Speed

    Introduction to Video Speed & Frame Rates3:31
    The Quickest Way to Speed Up, Slow Down & Reverse Your Video6:31
    Adjusting Clip Speed by Interpreting Frame Rate3:53
    ADVANCED: Speed Ramps7:01
    Create a Freeze Frame (and Frame Holds)4:11
  • Green Screen / Chromakeying

    Remove Green Screen Backgrounds in Premiere Pro (Full Tutorial)12:32
    Improve Your Green Screen Footage and Match Your Backgrounds Better6:33
  • Advanced & Necessary Premiere Pro Skills

    Introduction to this Section1:07
    Marking and Labeling Shots - Pro Level Organization4:47
    Quickly Swap Media with the Option Drag Trick1:38
    Working with Different Video Resolutions and Speeding Up This Workflow6:34
    How to Export a Still Image from Your Video1:36
    Nesting - How and Why We Use Nests3:04
    Slow Computer? 5 Ways to Speed Up Premiere Pro4:53
    Speed Up Your Editing Workflow with My Library2:11
    Proxy Editing Workflow - How to Edit High Resolution Video on a Slow Computer9:55
    Autoreframe - Quickly Resize Videos for Different Screens7:26
    Make Any Panel Full Screen with the ~ Key1:10
    Adobe Dynamic Link - Working with Other Adobe Applications4:09
    Multicam Editing in Premiere Pro - Quickly Edit Videos Shot with 2+ Camera4:25
    Relinking Missing Footage3:36
    Linking, Unlinking and Grouping Clips - Why and How4:31
    Team Projects in Premiere Pro - Collaborating with Other Editors via the Cloud9:01
  • Creative Video Editing: Advanced Style Tips to Make Your Videos Better

    Several Ways to Make Titles Stand Out Over Video4:38
    Put Video Inside Text or Logos Effect7:44
    Adding Light Leaks, Film Burns and Lens Flares to Your Video4:09
    The Vintage Old Film Look in Premiere Pro13:00
    The Type-On Effect in Premiere Pro12:27
    Zoom In or Out Effect6:30
    Custom Wipe On / Wipe Off Reveal Effect9:38
    VHS Style Look in Premiere Pro16:46
  • Advanced Color Grading

    Introduction to this Advanced Color Grading Section0:54
    Orange & Teal Color Grading12:43
    Warm & Bright Color Grading3:36
    Cool Blue Color Grading6:45
    Moody Desaturated Color Grading6:39
    Flat Black and White vs Film Noir Look8:32
    How to Copy Any Hollywood Color Grade like The Matrix Look8:59
  • Bonus Video Editing Project - The 'Nike Ad' Style

    Introduction to this Bonus Project3:02
    Making Selects and Putting Them in Sequence5:41
    Adjusting the Size & Position of Split Screen Clips to Match the 'Nike Ad' Style14:36
  • Video Editing Terminology & Definitions

    Introduction to this Section0:55
    4k, 8k, HD Video Resolution1:15
    Alpha Channel / Alpha Layer1:15
    Aspect Ratio1:04
    B-roll (and A-roll)1:25
    Bezier Curve1:47
    Chrome keying0:18
    Color Correction vs. Color Grading1:06
    Codecs, Containers, Video Formats1:38
    Compression, Bit Rate, Bit Depth3:30
    Computer RAM Memory1:48
    Frame Rate or FPS (Frames Per Second)4:16
    Ingesting / Import0:26
    Lossy vs. Lossless0:38
    Lower Third0:39
    PAL vs. NTSC1:34
    Post Production (Pre-Production & Production)1:20
    Premiere Pro vs. After Effects1:10
    Proxy Files & Proxy Editing Workflow1:44
    RAW Footage0:31
    Rough Cut, Fine Cut, Final Cut1:59
  • More Tutorials and Q&A Videos

    Editing Down a Promo Video - From Selects to Final Cut
    CC 2020 Update: Auto Reframe for Difference Video Sizes5:42
    CC 2018 Update: Close Multiple Gaps1:36
    OPTIONAL: Trouble with Transitions?6:36
    Stop Motion Animation in Premiere Pro
    What are Sequences & How Should You Use Them?
    Cutting Through Linked Clips
    How to Reverse Footage
    How to Remove Digital Noise & Grain
    How to use Adjustment Layers
    How to Add Camera Shake to Your Video
    How to Create a Square Video
    Whip Pan Transition
    Zoom Blur Transition
    Rotating Blur Transition
    Speed Up Your Video Editing with Keyboard Shortcuts
    Cinemagraph Tutorial in Premiere Pro
    Split Screen Tutorial
    How to Fix Offline Media
    How to Show Thumbnails in the Timeline
    How to Customize the Workspace
    How to Customize the Workspace
    Crackling Audio? How to Remove it with the Automatic Click Remover
    A Tip for Working with Vertical Footage
    A Quick Overview of How I Organize My Documentary Edit
    Feather / Linear Wipe Transition (a la Star Wars)
    Picture in Picture Tutorial
    Adding a Speech Bubble
    Computer Specs for Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Beginners 2022

Phil Ebiner

Phil Ebiner | Top-Rated Instructor

4.6/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Phil Ebiner's passion is inspiring people through online courses. Since 2012, over 200,000 students have taken his online courses. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Television Production from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. Over the past 5 years, he has shot and edited thousands of videos that have played everywhere from the movie screen and television to film festivals and YouTube.


If you are looking for a video editing application that will allow you to edit videos however you want them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best answer. Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films. This full course is the best way to jump right in and start editing. Practice editing while you learn. This course includes practice video files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing. By the end of the course, you'll have edited a 1-minute documentary with the supplied footage.

4.7/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 176 lectures & 13 hours of content 24/7
  • Master Premiere Pro & be confident editing your own videos
  • Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional & efficient techniques
  • Edit your promo video with the supplied footage
  • Start a project with the right settings for any type of video, from any camera
  • Export & save your videos for 4K and HD playback
  • Edit your videos & make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos
  • Design clean & professional titles for your videos
  • Apply visual effects, stabilize shaky videos, remove grain, & more

NOTE: Software NOT included.


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  • Experience level required: beginner
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